7 Stupid Selfies That Got People Arrested In 2014

Even criminals can't resist taking selfies nowadays.

Taking selfies at funerals, on top of skyscrapers or while running in front of mad bulls is crazy, no doubt about that. However, clicking a photo while committing a crime is a whole other level of stupidity.

There’s no denying people increasingly share too much on social media, but when felons can’t help but show off, you know something is wrong.

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Have a look:

#1: Jules Bahler got himself arrested after he posted these photos to Facebook and then allegedly robbed a bank in March.

selfie arrests

2: Adam Howe left his cell phone at the same church he robbed. This selfie led to his arrest.

3: Jess Ewald used a stolen iPhone to take the selfie, which the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office posted to its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Ewald surrendered to authorities soon later.

4: A 16-year-old snuck up to the top of WTC and took a selfie, which got him arrested for trespassing.

5: Two girls might've gotten away with robbing a store in Sweden, if it weren't for this selfie.

6: These two teenagers who allegedly committed a series of robberies were eventually arrested after they took this selfie on a stolen iPhone.

7: This selfie got a burglar arrested when he accidentally texted-to-all-contacts a picture of himself to the phone owner's friends.

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