These 4 Teenagers Are Changing The World

Technology, Entertainment, Design conference, or TED is one of the forums where innovative and new ideas are shared and old ones are discussed and dissected to make them better – all under the slogan of “ideas worth spreading.”

TEDx boys who are changing the world.

TED’s offshoot, TEDx are independent TED-like events which are locally and individually organized by people. Unlike TED where the fellows are granted prize money, the TEDx fellows are not paid, making the event all about open collaboration.

Here are a few TEDx fellows with a “wish to change the world”:

Kelvin Doe, a 17-year-old self-taught inventor and engineer from Sierra Leone, Africa.

Nicknamed “DJ Focus”, he believes ‘if you focus you can invent things’. At the age of 13, he taught himself engineering and created a radio station in his home country.

Kelvin became the youngest person to participate in the ‘Visiting Practitioner’s Program’ at MIT. He has also lectured a class at Harvard and was a speaker at TEDxTeen. His story has motivated the youth of the war-torn country to imagine and achieve.

Watch: Persistent Experimentation: Kelvin Doe at TEDxTeen

Vik Nithy from Australia, the Director of Online Marketing Process Outsourcing, Co-founding Director of One Can Grow Education (OCGE) and Director of Noble Online

Vik's LinkedIn profile starts by saying “I enjoy helping companies innovate. Usually this means finding a creative edge, and delivering products that customers actually want.”

He loves start-ups – after reading that you have got to love him. Did we mention all of this happened after he was diagnosed with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. Currently Vik is focusing on OCGE which equips young people with business skills and knowledge of social issues to make a social impact in the world.

Watch: Why we procrastinate: Vik Nithy at TEDxYouth

Angad Daryani, a ‘maker’, prodigy, genius and inspiring among other things

The Indian teen was home schooled and his dream is to solve real world problems using technology. At the age of 13, he built an affordable Rep Rap 3D printer.

Anagad is an entrepreneur who started Do-It-Yourself Kits company, Shark Kits. His company develops reasonably priced open source kits for Indian enthusiasts. Through his passion, Daryani invented the Virtual Brailler, which converts digital text from Roman to braille in real time for visually challenged people.

This is a low cost Ebook reader and a revolutionary product. Angad has worked with the Innovators Club of India, Tree Labs at the Indian Institute of Technology and Media Labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Watch Anagad: An eye-pad for the blind & much more: Angad Daryani at TEDxGateway

Timothy (Tim) Doner – a Polyglot – a master of languages

Tim developed the hunger to learn languages at the age of 13 He started with French and today knows about 20 dialects. That’s a big number especially when you consider that he was mostly self-taught.

He hooked up with people from New York City and other parts of the world to learn their language better. Why languages? His goal is not to achieve fluency in each, but rather to learn about foreign history and culture through the medium of language. Till date his Youtube channel has received over 3 million hits. Tim has been interviewed by The New York Times, BBC, The Today Show, Reuters and The Economist.

Watch Tim: Breaking the language barrier: Tim Doner at TEDxTeen

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