TEN Cokes A Day! Soda Stunt Packs On Pounds

Ten sodas contain nearly a half-pound of sugar, half of all Americans ingest that every day.

This is one sweet experiment - with shocking results! 

A Los Angeles man has chugged ten cans of Coca Cola every day for a month to prove a point. Uggg...why? 

In an interview with LA Weekly, he explains, "I was joking around with one of my brothers. We saw an article that Jude Law had been drinking ten Cokes a day to gain weight for a movie role ". 

After some research, he discovered that the sugar in ten Cokes is actually less than what most Americans are consuming every day. 

Prior was a super fit 168 pounds and Paleo diet follower when he started the chug-fest. After drinking the sodas for a month he weighed in at a doughy 192, complete with a pot belly, love handles and moobs. (Man + boobs) 

He's now completed his gulping goal and posted on his Facebook page last week: 

"187 lbs this morning. After 3 days of not drinking ten Cokes a day, I’ve dropped five pounds...Yesterday and today I felt better than I have in a month. It’s weird, because I didn’t think I was feeling that bad while I was drinking the Cokes, but now that I’m Coke-free I really notice an increased energy level, and definitely a better mood. I feel lighter somehow, and I don’t think it’s just from the 5 pounds…"

His website has a great disclaimer:

"Please do not attempt this at home. See your doctor if you're considering this. Probably a mental health professional."

And he also asks a favor: 

"Please don't tell my mother I'm doing this. If you want to discuss weight loss diet, definitely contact me first. God knows she has enough to worry about, poor woman." 


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