The Absolute WORST Holiday Gifts From The Boss

We asked the web about the worst gifts given from a boss.

Unfortunately, Tweeter Lydia's story about the worst holiday bonus is all too common! 

This is the time of year when employees rub their hard-working hands together and anticipate a little "Thank you" from the boss. Cash is king...but gifts can fall flat. And by "falling flat", we mean gifts can really, really suck.  

Here's some of the best of the worst end-of-the-year bonus stories we've heard. Here's hoping yours is waaay better! 

Just Totally Cheap

  • A gift card for 15 bucks from a gas station - it had been closed for nearly six months 
  • A coupon to eat a free meal at the nursing home I worked a cook. The rest of the staff got a coupon for reduced meal cost. (The food was awful)  
  • A photo of a bottle of champagne. Just a photo. It was attached to a holiday card reading "cheers" 
  • A donation to a local charity...for $5. And we didn't even get to pick the charity where that tiny donation was going. 
  • Nothing! 


Completely Strange

  • A pair of Chinese fighter fish. They were both dead by the time they arrived
  • A store-bought cheese danish
  • ​A bag of homemade beef jerky - and I don't eat meat
  • An ice chest - left over from the summer company picnic
  • A packet of seeds for garden veggies. I live in an apartment with no yard
  • A family size popcorn chicken with a $20 bill inside
  • A bag of weed (strange AND illegal!) 

Sooo Inappropriate 

  • An envelope full of pamphlets on how to lose weight with no letter or explanation.
  • A ham...I'm Jewish and keep kosher
  • A letter of thanks directly from my boss. He got my name wrong even though I had been there for years and it was a small staff
  • A handful of was for a lap dance at the strip club next door (that I would NEVER go to)  
  • My boss gave me a pack of wine coolers and a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret.


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