The Menimist Movement Raises All Sorts Of Questions About Equality

There is a Menimist movement lurking about the Internet. What does this mean for equality?

Menimist Movement

In the world struggling for equality, a relatively new movement, called The Menimists have emerged on Twitter. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of a Manimist is “another term for male rights activists.” This seems simple enough but people are wondering if it’s a critique to feminism?

The unofficial twitter profile representing the movement seems to have gained quite a following nonetheless. Its description reads “chivalry isn't dead, women's appreciation is.”

Earlier this year, the word feminist was almost banned by Time Magazine, for which they have since issued an apology. Emma Watson’s #HeForShe campaign as a UN goodwill ambassador also made waves, with a campaign that sought to bring equality for both men and women.

People seem to have a love-hate relationship with feminism, which has inspired the Menimests to respond with questions regarding the different kinds of male oppression in the world.

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Where do these Menimests stand, exactly? In a YouTube video, one of the theories behind it is that it was meant to be taken as a “satire” to the feminist movement. But of course, there’s going to be backlashes if that’s the case as people feel that it could trivialize the oppression women have faced for centuries.

The issues it addresses tend to vary from very specific problems to some sweeping generalizations.

On the other hand, some of the issues addressed by these male activists are downplayed in a comical manner. At the center of it, men are just as capable as feeling pressured and even oppressed.

However, there are several sides to every story, which is exactly what the latest wave of feminism tries to address in its equality for all stance. That includes all people, regardless of their gender or sex. In a nutshell, people who are men, women, transgender, gay, straight or asexual fall under the equality rainbow.

When it comes to this particular movement called the Menimests, there’s no denying the validity of their issues – even if many people would be quick to dismiss it.

It isn’t hard to say these guys need to figure out where they stand, in more ways than one.

However, in light of the gazillion misunderstandings that already exist when it comes to the fight for equality, the way some people are taking to this latest twitter trend only strengthen the misunderstandings surrounding the feminist school of thought.

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