Women, It's Time To Stop Saying 'I'm Sorry'

Shampoo brand Pantene has a valid question: 'Why are women always apologizing?'

Pantene has asked a pertinent question and made its point simply and logically. Sorry, Not Sorry shows a series of women in different settings apologizing for just about everything.

 “Sorry, can I ask a stupid question?”

“Sorry, you go first.”

“Sorry, you were saying something?”

Watching the women in the ad, one is hit with the jolt of realization that frequent and often unnecessary apologies find their way into the everyday conversation  of women.

The commercial goes on to show the women rephrasing their conversations.

From, “Sorry, can I ask a stupid question?” to “I have a question, why don’t we go back to the original thing we did?”

Unfortunately, women saying sorry is too common an occurrence and people barely notice, but it does show deep-rooted signs of females undermining themselves.

Time magazine's Jessica Bennett nails it when she says, “Sorry is a crutch — a tyrannical lady-crutch. It’s a space filler, a hedge, a way to politely ask for something without offending, to appear 'soft' while making a demand. It falls in the same category as 'I hate to ask' or 'I know this is a stupid question' or another version of 'No offense, but' or ending your statements with a question.”

A 2010 study supports the notion that women apologize more than men. But here’s the interesting bit.

"Men aren't actively resisting apologizing because they think it will make them appear weak or because they don't want to take responsibility for their actions," said study researcher Karina Schumann, a doctoral student in social psychology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. "It seems to be that when they think they've done something wrong they do apologize just as frequently as when women think they've done something wrong. It's just that they think they've done fewer things wrong.”

A suggestion: Ladies, do not apologize for being who you are or what you have to do. There’s nothing wrong in questioning someone, or making a valid point or even going against the tide. Pantene has a valuable lesson; follow it: Shine Strong.

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