Swanky Restaurant Promises Pre-Colonization Native American Menu

The Sioux Chef promises fresh and mouth-watering Native American dishes that are hard to come by.

Situated in Minnesota, The Sioux Chef is a new Native American restaurant that has some pretty incredible "pre-colonization" dishes made with fresh and even wild foods of the Sioux and Ojibwe Indian tribes.

Prepared in a way that doesn’t take away from the natural feel and freshness of the food, the dishes maintain a strong native influence.

Chef Sean Sherman is of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, is the man behind these dishes. He has 25 years of cooking experience with a focus on “pre-reservation indigenous knowledge of wild foods.”

He plans to open his dream eatery in Minneapolis-St. Paul area by the end of this year.

Here are some mouth-watering examples:

Roasted Duck with Sunchoke - Blueberry & Rosehip Sauce - Bean Shoots - Sweet Potato & Hominy Flatbread- Sumac Sprinkle

Wild Rice & Corn Flatbread - Smoked Turkey – Blueberry

Dried Sweet Potato - Rosehip & Raspberry - Roasted Squash & Maple

CSA Veggie Platter

Organic & Indigenous Fruits Platter

Salad of squash, corn, great northern beans, dandelion, shoots, blueberries, flower petals

Roast Duck and Mushrooms

Cedar Stewed Rabbit - Fiddle Head Fern - Kidney Beans

Minnesota Cheese Platter

Wojapi Soup

White Pine & Sumac Tea

Can’t wait for December, right?


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