A Coffee Shop That Has No Employees And Runs On Trust

In a time when the world operates on mistrust and people remain guarded, a coffee shop in North Dakota has decided to trust everyone.

“The Vault’ is a go-to-coffee shop in Valley City, North Dakota that has no workers, servers or cashier. It runs on nothing but trust and honor.

Customers must fend for themselves completely unsupervised. They pay for their food and beverages and have a good time just having a coffee, reading a book or hanging out with friends and loved ones.

The owners Kimberly and David Brekke stop by to keep it stocked with coffee, milk, cream and eatables- but that’s about all they do at the shop.

The prices are marked for customers who help themselves to their choice of food and drinks and pay by either cash or card.

And it is working just fine.

“In this community, I thought an honor system coffee shop would make a lot of sense,”says David Brekke.

“It's a low-key hang out where a person can stay for as long as they want,” he adds. “Someone said it is Valley City's living room. People just come in and sit down.”

What’s more, “When I add up how much has been taken and how much is in the till at the end of the day … people are 15% more generous than thieving,”he claims.

And the customers love it. “Love the atmosphere and old style architecture...nice and cozy place to enjoy a cup of joe and have conversation with a friend or family. I'll definitely be stopping in again!”writes a customer on the coffee shop’s Facebook page.

“My kids and I love to come after school for a treat!”says another one.

Well isn’t that just great?

The credit goes to the Brekkesas well as the community for making this awesome project work.

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