What Do Victoria’s Secret Angels Eat To Look Like Models Of Perfection? (PHOTOS)

It takes a lot more than just an attractive face to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

It takes a lot more than just an attractive face to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Their lives may seem filled with glamour and excitement, but only the Angels are aware of the hardships they have to endure to look perfect for public appearances and photo shoots. However, the event of the year that requires the most preparation is the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, when the world’s highest paid models grab their angel wings and walk the glittery runway, leaving millions mesmerized by their beauty.

Looking at these stunning models in their swimwear, one wonders what keeps them so fit?

Obviously, genetics play a vital role, but to wear that barely-there lingerie on such a phenomenal platform, the models need to look their best and for that they work extremely hard on their fitness and maintain a strict diet.

What do VS Angels Eat?

Victoria’s Secret Angels usually eat a low fat diet which is high in protein. It helps them fight those extra pounds while keeping their muscles healthy.

They also indulge in lots of fruits and vegetables in the form of delicious salads that are crucial for hydration to both the skin and the body.

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VS Angels’ Meal Plan:

VS models eat five times a day.

·         Their breakfast mostly contains yogurt, oatmeal, egg whites, fruits or vegetables.

·         Forlunch they eat protein rich food like fish, chicken and salads.

·         At dinner they can have brown rice as an alternative to what they eat in the afternoon.

To fight cravings and to keep energy levels high, snacks, including fruit or yogurt, are always part of their meal plan.

Victoria’s Secret dietitian says:

For the energy, a lot of models live on sugar. I don’t mind them getting sugar from fruits like strawberries, boysenberries, blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate because they’re packed with antioxidants. I recommend to models to eat a little bit of dark chocolate or ice-cream twice a week, just so you don’t splurge and go overboard with chocolate, cookies and sugar.

Apart from the general high protein and low carb diet, each of the models follow different diet plans specifically designed for their body types. For example, Adriana Lima, in an interview with Telegraph, revealed that to look her best, she totally cuts out solid food two days before the show and just drinks liquids. With 12 hours left to the show, Adriana doesn’t eat or drink anything, not even water.

Legendary beauty simply isn’t a piece of cake.

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