These Couples Will Restore Your Faith In True Love

These old couples will restore your faith in true love

Recently, a couple in Oklahoma who was married for 63 years passed away on the same day, just hours apart of each other. The couple gave a new meaning to the vow, ‘Till death do us part’ because even death couldn’t separate them.

In a world where human relationships fall apart and marriage vows do not necessarily last a lifetime, such instances can revive our faith in the existence of true love.

These 5 couples prove that age and time cannot wither true love:
True Love

This couple has also been married for 63 years. When the husband had to go to rehab after a surgery, the wife fell and also injured herself but their desire to be together runs so deep, that she was happy about her injury because it meant that she’d be joining him at the facility.

True Love

Chinese couple, WuConghan aged 101 and Wu Sognshi, 103 have married for 88 years now and were happy to pose as groom and bride for the photos.

True Love

What can be cuter than this Russian couple married for 65 years? Their expressions say it all.

True Love

Being together since 1930, Lionel, 99 and his wife Ellen Buxton, 100 got married in 1936. This English couple has celebrated a total of 82 wedding anniversaries. The secret behind their successful relationship, they say, is that before being husband and wife, they are really good friends.

True Love

This Chinese couple has been together through good and bad times for more than 70 years. Not very comfortable in expressing their love, the couple believes that actions speak louder than words.

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