These 5 Positive Body Language Tips Will Make You A Social Success

Our body language has a deep effect on us as well as those around us. That is precisely why it pays to be very conscious and in total control of it.

Sometimes our words aren’t enough and even not needed, our bodies and sometimes just little acts speak louder than any words. We may not notice or be aware of our own body language but others are- even if on a subconscious level.

So it pays to be aware of a few things and it doesn’t hurt if we even practice them a little. After all, we would not want all our good intentions going to waste just because others get us wrong, do we?

So, here are 5 things that are a sure winner:


Don’t be afraid to smile, in fact be generous with it. It not only makes you approachable but gives other a clear indication of your good intentions. Make sure though that you are not just smiling for the sake of it, it shows and it doesn’t go down well. Look at people when you smile, make sure they know this warm smile is for them. Let the sincerity sink in. Make that dazzling smile a part of your greeting routine.

Eye Contact:

Maintain an eye contact with the person talking to you. Don’t overdo it though, shift your gaze every now and then, smile and nod. Make sure they know they have your attention and what they are  saying has some importance for you.

Keep a Relaxed Posture

Of course, that does not mean you let your body go- Keeping your body straight projects confidence and energy. Try not moving too much, do not fidget, twitch, wiggle or squirm. That would give the impression that you are anxious about something or even lying.

Be aware of your movements

Make sure that you are in control of how you are standing and where your hands or arms are. Crossed arms portray a defensive attitude where as keeping them at your side, in your pockets or loosely on your hips it shows a casual and somewhat positive attitude. Do not tap your feet however while you stand with your hands on your hips, showing the other person how restless you are and can’t wait for them to stop talking.

Don’t be Afraid to Take up Some Space

Sitting or standing with your legs apart a bit signals self confidence and that you are comfortable in your own skin. Keep it that way.

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