Pass The Tissues. Moving Rescues Make You Want To Adopt A Homeless Animal.

These animal rescues will not only restore your faith in humanity, but they also show that with courage and determination, people can really make a difference.

Besides it being our duty to save those who need help, watching the reactions of these adorable animals being rescued will bring you to tears.

After struggling in various trying situations, these animals look utterly grateful when freed.

These five animal rescues will definitely get you misty-eyed:

  1. The Beached Whale:

Unable to keep up with its fellow whales during the yearly migration from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef, this baby humpback was stranded on the Gold Coast shore in Australia.

About 8 meters long, the struggle of the whale named Willy was futile, as it couldn’t swim through waters. However, sensing its pain and helplessness, people rushed to help the Australia Sea World Crew and started pushing it deep into the waters.

Finally after 36 hours, the whale managed to swim and made its way smoothly.

The people rejoiced at setting it free.

  1. Raju the Elephant:

While there are people hunting down innocent elephants, there are some who are on a mission to liberate those in captivity.

Recently, a 50-year-old elephant, Raju, was freed from its inhumane environment in the Uttar Pradesh region in India. Raju has been in captivity ever since he was a little baby and was sold from one owner to the next. Finally an animal rescue organization in India, Wildlife SOS liberated Raju from pointy shackles, setting his legs free for the very first time in his life.

The rescue mission was not easy because the owner didn’t stand back and provoked Raju to hit the rescuers.

After facing a lot of threats from the owner, Raju was finally freed and taken to Mathura’s Elephant Conservation and Care Centre.

When Raju took his first free steps, tears were streaming from his eyes, causing everyone to reflect on animal cruelty.

  1. Burnt Dog:

Out of fear or indifference, some people won’t even save an able dog, let alone one that is suffering.

But a Peruvian boy named Darwin, who didn’t have the ability to speak or hear himself, managed to get help for a puppy that was in a bad shape after being burnt from scalding water thrown at him. With medical help, the canine made a full recovery and got adopted.

Darwin continues to save homeless dogs that need help, proving that auditory senses are not needed to hear the plea of these innocent animals.

Burnt Dog

  1. Garbage Dog:

Looking tired and scared, Miley a female dog was rescued by the organization Hope for PAWS. She sat on a pile of garbage and was reluctant to move due to weariness. However after being fed she was able to go along with the workers of the organization who took her to the vet. Miley was suffering from malnutrition and many internal and external parasitical infections. She was giving proper treatment and she started recovering, even making another friend from a little dog rescued from the sewers.

  1. Exotic Cats:

Who would have thought that exotic species of animals would be found lying around to be rescued? However in Atchison, Kan., the County Sheriff successfully rescued nine exotic cats and two skunks that were lying in a rundown area without food and water. The cats included one tiger, two cougars, two lynx, a serval, three bobcats and two skunks. The animals were taken to different sanctuaries under the Dangerous Regulated Act and the Animal Cruelty Code.

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