These Themed Restaurants From Around The World Will Blow Your Mind

These 10 restaurants give the term unique dining experience a new meaning.

There is much to see in the world, mostly beautiful and some bizarre, but the restaurants listed below are a combination of that and more.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan


You can eat out of a toilet bowl and drink out of a urinal at the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan. The toilet themed restaurant has showerheads and plungers hanging from the ceiling as well as poop-shaped lights. The chairs are actual toilet seats.

Yuck? Not really. This poop (related) themed restaurant is such a hit that the owner Eric Wang has opened a string of similar eating places throughout Asia.

Dans Le Noir, United Kingdom


Dining in the dark is the name of the game at the Dans Le Noir in London. The meal is a surprise served in a pitch-black room and the wine list is in Braille. What’s more, the waiters are blind. It’s supposed to completely revolutionize your sense of taste.

This trend has seemingly caught on and a chain of restaurants, Opaque offers a similar experience in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Dallas.

The Clinic, Singapore


The Clinic is one of Singapore’s high-end concept restaurants.  The dining experience comes with a medical twist; diners sit on wheel chairs and eat off stainless steel topped tables under surgical lights with IV stands, test tubes and other medical paraphernalia completing the ambience. The experience is complete with shots from syringes and food served in kidney-shaped bed pans and on surgical trays.

Twin Stars Diner, Moscow


Alexei Khodorkovsky of Moscow has his dream diner up and running. The theme for the place is twins, and hence all the staff – from waiters to bartenders and even the chefs – are identically dressed twins.

Here’s a glimpse of the place:


Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada


With the menu boasting the likes of Double and Triple Bypass Burgers, Flatliner Frys Deep Fried In Pure Lard, Butterfat Shakes and No-Filter Cigarettes, the Heart Attack Grill is equipped to land you with a blocked coronary or at least extremely high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Their staff, dressed in nursing costumes, should be able to help but they are there to do anything but.

And oh, they serve anyone who weighs in at over 350 lbs. for free.

Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia


Located in the Wicked Castle, Witches in Britches is a 40-year-old establishment. Their signature dish, Witches Curse with "herbs picked from the old hag's garden," is ladled from a cauldron and the meal is paired with tacky interactive shows based on pop culture.

They best explain the experience themselves:

“Walk through the tunnel of terror, chow down your 3 course dinner, cackle along to a 2 hour live stage musical comedy show & dance in the cage of death 'till the wee hours of the morning!”

Robot Restaurant, Japan


Located in a basement in Shinjuku's Kabukicho district of Tokyo, eating at this restaurant is a unique experience replete with metallic robots, strobe lights, thumping beats, and wild dance acts by robots and barely clad dancers. The performances are held three times a day and cater mostly to foreign tourists. In short, it is a sci-fi cabaret with a dine in experience.

The Graveyard Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India


The New Lucky Restaurant is built around graves -- real graves of dead people.

When Krishnan Kutti decided to open a roadside eatery, the graves from an old cemetery didn’t bother him one bit. Apparently they don’t bother his customers much either.

For him setting up a restaurant was as simple as having four walls and a roof around the area and placing tables and chairs among the graves.

Every morning, when the shutters of the restaurant are pulled up, waiters spend some time wiping the gravestones and decorating them with fresh flowers.

“We begin our day by paying respects to the graves. We wipe them and cover them with cloth and also shower flowers on them. It is important to respect the dead,” says the owner.

Ninja, New York City, U.S.A


Located in New York City, this Japanese restaurant offers a grand experience. The menu boasts Japanese-French-American fusion dishes but the main attraction is the Ninja theme complete with the guests being escorted to the dining by live ninjas.

The restaurant itself is designed like a feudal castle with dungeon-like chambers and the elaborate meal is finished off with a magic show from none other than a ninja.

Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant, Ylläsjärvi, Finland


Nearly 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, the Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant is made completely of ice and snow. It melts during spring and is built from the ground up every winter. It part of the Snow Village that consists of a bar, lobbies, hotel rooms and suites as well as the restaurant itself. The restaurant is not only a place for fine dining but an example of mind blowing ice artistry and handicrafts made of snow.

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