For $33,000, This Couple Built An Amazing Home And Will Never Pay A Mortgage

Somehow it gets bigger once you go inside. You wouldn't think that a home built on a trailer would be big enough for a family of 3, but you'd be wrong.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, two innovative builders with a background in construction technology, built this home on their 5-acre plot of land in Oregon. Tired of the costs associated with traditional homeownership and concerned about the wastefulness of large homes, the Morrisons vowed to revolutionize the way we think about shelter.

The tiny house (called "hOMe") only cost $33,000, including appliances, to build, and they've reduced their mortgage payments to $0.00. Thanks to the hOMe, they've drastically reduced their heating and cooling bills as well as their environmental impact. The Morrisons love their project so much, they're offering workshops and advice on how to build your own tiny house on their website.

Don't think it's possible to live comfortably in a home this small? Take a look at these photos and think again:

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