This Is What We Think David Beckham Should Do After Retirement (PHOTOS)

Fans and especially ladies were not much amused when the iconic David Beckham announced that he is retiring.

Fans and especially ladies were not much amused when the iconic David Beckham announced that he is retiring.

David Beckham

Beckham has been the heartthrob of millions consistently over the years of his career for a multitude of reasons. From a flamboyant 17-year-old player of Manchester United to a 37-Year-Old Emporio Armani sexy model, Beckham has pleased the (wo)mankind with his amazing kicks and good looks.

Now, that he is retiring as a professional soccer player everyone’s attention is towards how he is planning to spend it.

Beckham might get more of his kicks from what we have compiled here for him. So, here’s what we think David Beckham should do after retiring, keeping in mind the love of millions and millions of his fans around the world.

Beckham should be in the entertainment Industry!

After gracing the playfields Beckham should seriously think about gracing the silver screen. Imagine what a visual treat he’d be for the eyes!

Another proof:

Even Tom Cruise once suggested Beckham to head for silver screen glory and we totally agree with Mr. Cruise.

He should seriously think about modeling. Full time!

This fashion guru seriously should pursue modeling as a full time job. It shouldn’t be an on and off thing. This style icon, should be on ramps, on television, on billboards… everywhere. He could do no better justice to his charming personality than this. Honestly!

Imagine these lights & Beckham.

These looks!

David Beckham

And this smile.

Beckham should definitely think about blessing the modeling industry with his charming personality… mentioning again, full time!

A Football manager?

Beckham can definitely not dissociate himself from soccer totally, so why not try a career in football only as a manager. José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are good enough examples to support our thought.

David Beckham

Having played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and PSG in a two decade career span, Beckham seems to be the perfect candidate for a managerial position.

Beckham must blog:

Imagine Beckham blogging about how to flaunt your tattooed torso in public with grace.

David Beckham

How to look good shirtless.

David Beckham

How to become the center of attention of the Olympic opening ceremony.

How to wink with style.

And on simply how to look hot.

David Beckham

Who wouldn’t read all of this coming from one of the sexiest men alive? He’d become internet’s favorite blogger within no time. Beckham is a role model for many, he must share some tips with all his fans. Everyone has given him so much love; it’s his time now to pay back to them. And believe me this is not much we are asking for.

Well, we don’t really know what he is planning but one thing we know for sure is the fact that this piece is a good enough reminder of what we are going to miss on the soccer playgrounds now!

Let’s hope this reaches Beckham and he listens to us. If you have any ideas for Beckham, do share them through us with your comments!

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