This Woman Survived A Week On An Emoji Only Diet

Can you survive on an only emoji diet? This Woman Survived A Week On An Emoji Only Diet.

As an experiment to check what an emoji-only diet would be like, she embarked on a week-long journey to eat only foods that are represented as ideograms used in electronic messaging and webpages.

She chronicled her adventurous task.

“I begin to make a list of what I plan to eat for the week, but some pictures prove hard to interpret. My confusion is cleared up with a visit to Emojipedia, which lists the symbols’ official names as designated by the Unicode Consortium. Some of the names give me more dietary leeway than I expected, such as the ambiguous “pot of food,” which I eat for lunch in the form of a vegetable stew. Others I’ve been misinterpreting all along—what I thought was rice and beans is actually curry, and the orange is technically a tangerine. I edit my list accordingly and stock up on fruits and veggies for the week.”

Strange as her undertaking may seem, she is not the only one who is intrigued by the lack of food emojis.

There is actually a petition asking for a hot dog emoji, a Facebook page demanding a taco emoji and a Twitter account lobbying for an avocado emoji.

Emojis certainly make up a good part of our online conversation; there are some who actually believe these characters may just be the true universal language. Caroline Moss, a journalist even tried texting only in emojis for 5 days. While she found that challenging, she did get by.

Kelly Rexroat also did not find the limited food emojis a restriction in her experiment though she missed having cheese. She was actually quite satisfied at the end of the seven day challenge, “The emoji diet hasn’t left me hungry or dissatisfied—if anything, my dessert binge has added some pounds—but it has slimmed down my wallet, since I’ve been making more food purchases as I avoid the majority of my pantry. I now have lots of recommendations for new food emoji, from my typical cooking staples like garlic, onion, and spinach to snacks like chips, cheese, and popcorn.”

Well, that’s not so bad, is it? Emojis may just be the future.

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