Top 5 Best Career Moves for 2013

Are you considering a career change this year? Check out these top careers where demand is expected to increase first.

Looking to change careers in the middle of an uncertain economy?  Have no fear - the economy is almost always in a time of instability, so changing careers should be an exciting prospect for you.  In fact, the job market is showing signs of life after a few very trying years.


Best Careers 2013


Listed below are the top five career moves for those of you interested in starting a new career that has purpose and helps others.  On the list are the careers that have been projected to grow from now through the year 2016 by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  At least one of these lucrative options should be on your list of career considerations when choosing a new path to walk down.


  1. If you’re good with a calculator, accounting worksheets, and can budget your own checkbook, you may be a perfect fit as a Personal Financial Advisor.  Having a bachelor’s degree will get you ahead in this position that has a median yearly salary of $66,000 but requires a considerable amount of ongoing training to stay up-to-date with policies and procedures.

  2. All animals, big and small, need someone to take care of their bumps bruises and scrapes from time to time.  That’s where Veterinarians come to the rescue of pet families.  These individuals are heavily relied upon and make a tremendously positive difference in the lives of all kinds of animals.  With a job growth rate of over 25%, this is one lucrative and rewarding career to make a change to.  NOTE: Additional education, training and state licensing may be required.

  3. Registered Nurses are also in high demand these days because, like it or not, people are often getting sick.  If you have the time and desire, earn your associate degree in nursing and begin your practice in field.  Earning up to $57,000 a year, this is one career that really pays off for people that are skilled in the art of caring for others.

  4. If sitting in front of the boob tube, watching CSI is how you get your daily thrills, you may be more satisfied with a stimulating role in forensic science as a Forensic Science Technician.  Can you see yourself working in a crime lab, using modern technology to solve crimes in your state or county?  A Bachelor’s degree and working knowledge of the law are basic requirements you’ll need to land this popular title.

  5. If you’re already living a green, eco-friendly lifestyle you may be interested in becoming an Environmental Science and Protection Technician.  In this role, you will regulate waste, clean up contamination in spill areas, and monitor pollution levels.  Not only will you be helping your community at large by maintain and monitoring its green-friendliness, you will be staying in line with your core values as an environmentally savvy human being.

A career move doesn’t have to be scary at all.  In fact, with these top 5 careers that are on the rise in the next few years, you should be feeling pretty good about making the switch from your current career to one of these.  Lacking education requirements?  Look up online degree programs and local community college programs that will help you get on the path to success.

Good Luck, Career Hunter!

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