10 Mind Blowing Weight-Loss Transformations

Here are 10 photos of people who have every right to be extremely proud of themselves. Check out their body transformations, which are not just inspirational, but truly stupefying.

On Tuesdays, people working towards weight loss and physical fitness are encouraged to post “transformational” photos of themselves online, along with the hashtag #TransformationTuesday in the description.

Here are some “before and after” photos posted by people who have worked long and hard atgetting fit.



My goal is to share my journey with a desire to help others who are also trying to get healthy. I fully committed to losing weight in August of 2012 and I am no where near finished. I have been able to lose 707377 81 lbs on my own with straight clean eating and exercise.“

afoodiepatootie (2010 to 2014)


Sometimes I need to remind myself how far I’ve come, because like many people, I am too hard on myself. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be. But I can keep working on improving myself, improving my body and my mind. It’s a journey that I’m happy to be on.”



“Two years ago today, I started Atkins and lost 190lbs. Nothing can stop you if you want something bad enough.”

Shelagh Monroe


The first picture was me about a year ago I was like nearly 260 and then me tonight down to 228 it’s been slow but hey this shirt fits way better than it ever did and proof is in the pudding plus I only started the gym and diet at the beginning of the January but I am so excited and thought I’d share this photo because I am feeling so happy and motivated.”



The picture on the right was taken at my Sweet 16 when I weighed my heaviest at 170 lbs at probably 32-34 % bf, the picture on the right is 2 years later after a long and steady journey of becoming a healthy, fit me.

In the past 2 and a half years I discovered myself as a person and learned how I have a very strong sense of discipline and I love to work hard. I love all types of exercise and I also love healthy food. I have a new found love for helping others get healthy and make changes in their lives too!

I am more confident and self loving than ever, and I’m always working hard towards new goals to push myself!!”



Me and my sister, two year difference.”






I never thought I’d ever reach a point where I’d have an “after” picture. I always thought I’d be stuck at that “before” phase forever. Thank God for second chances.”



In the top photos I was around 305 lbs, wearing a size 24 jeans and a guys XL hoodie! The bottom photos I’m at 163 lbs and wearing a ladies M shirt and size M pants (yoga pants) and a size 10-11 jean. Craziness! I still have some work to do, but sometimes seeing how far you’ve come can push you right along!”



Not yet 130lbs down but here's a 120lb face transformation.

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