The Underwear Brand That Trolled Facebook And Won Big Time

This is the tale of an underwear brand that trolled Facebook (read dealt with the website’s ad rules) and won. faced a dilemma. Facebook kept picking on their ads for not meeting their ‘ad policy guidelines. ’

Their pictures look something like this:

No doubt the ads  attracted people, potential buyers, and have developed a following.  However,  Facebook wasn’t having any of it. The brand, definitely not agreeing with Facebook’s restrictions, came up with plan B.

Hint: It is pretty cheeky and we love it:

The stick-figure ads direct Facebook users to their page that shows photos from some of the rejected ads.

Brilliant. What better way of ‘complying’ with restrictions? What else is an underwear brand that can’t show people wearing their product do? Short of making people put the underwear over their clothes, this is the best. What’s more, it’s tongue-in-cheek defiance with a slap of humor.

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MeUndies described their strategy in an email to AllFacebook, Facebook’s ‘unofficial blog’:

We have become increasingly frustrated with Facebook’s guidelines. We will have ads running for up to one week that perform well with some of our most vanilla imagery, and they eventually get taken down. MeUndies by nature wants to sell underwear, and it’s proven that featuring a product on a human leads to better results. But we are routinely denied, even though these images are tastefully featured prominently on other social media platforms, display networks, and sponsored/native content around the Web. So we found a way to turn this into our advantage, by mocking the Facebook ad medium and enticing users to click to see why our ads have been flagged as inappropriate by Facebook.”

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