Want A Longer Life? Do This Now.

Learn how simply sitting and standing can lengthen your life.

Eat blueberries, do yoga, don’t smoke, get a pet…whew! Are you overwhelmed with all of the “how to live-long” advice out there?  

Here’s a neat little trick that not only predicts who will live longer but you can start doing it today to get healthier.  Ready?

Sit down on the floor. Now stand up.

That's it! This sitting-rising test, or SRT, was studied extensively by a Brazilian physician. He found that a longer, healthier life is predicted when subjects got moving and maintained muscle and balance.

Here are guidelines to perform the SRT safely.

1. Stand in comfortable clothes in your bare feet, with clear space around you.

2. Without leaning on anything, lower yourself to a sitting position on the floor.

3. Now stand back up, trying not to use your hands, knees, forearms or sides of your legs.

The most important factor that makes getting down and then back up is the ratio of muscle strength to body weight. However, other relevant issues come into play like flexibility, balance and coordination.

The SRT also prevents injuries. The Center for Disease control reports that falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury for seniors.  Interestingly, in cultures where people sleep on the floor, there are fewer injuries from falls. One theory is that often futon beds are laid out on the floor. It’s sort of forced exercise.  If you want to go to bed or get up, you’ve got to perform the SRT.

Research shows that it only takes a few minutes a day to dramatically improve your health.  So use the SRT and you might just live longer too. 

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