Ready Or Not, The Coffee Mug Bong Is About To Become Real

If Marty can have it, so can you. Very easy to use design! The ultimate coffee mug pipe!

marty cabin in the woods

Probably much too impressed with Marty's collapsible bong from the Hollywood thriller The Cabin in the Woods, genius enterprise IronMan Design decided to come out with a Marty-inspired "travel mug."

For those high on the recent weed boom who had a dream-come-true-slash-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moment in Marty’s wondrous mug that used to conveniently telescope into a working water pipe, this can be a landmark in human history.

When Reddit discovered the "device," redditors went into a furor:

cabin in the woods bong

The designers of this Coffee Mug Pipe are the heroes of the day for smoking fans as they promise a mug that “easily and quickly telescopes out into a water pipe for smoking tobacco!” All one has to do is “simply unsnap the bottom and telescope the device out. Perfect for your tobacco smoking needs. The handle of the coffee cup then unscrews and is inserted into the base. The mouthpiece that you smoke from is located on the top horizontal portion of the handle. Very easy to use design! The ultimate coffee mug pipe!”

According to the website, it will soon have the mug available online for sale.

cabin in the woods coffee bong

However, they insist the “product is intended for use with tobacco only and will only be sold to people 18 years of age or older.”

But here’s a glimpse at the people ready and waiting for the product:

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What were they thinking? Or perhaps (read: more likely) this is exactly what they were thinking.

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