10 Weirdest Inventions You Didn’t Know You Needed

We live in a strange and beautiful world, filled with the wackiest inventions that come about.

It’s a weird world. Who’s to say whether that’s a good or bad thing – it just is because the world is full of weirdos.

So it’s not really surprising that this universe of weirdos invented products to accentuate our eclectic taste.

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Need meets want in a strange world so some of these were bound to be invented. Here is a list of weird products available in the modern world to suit our desires.

1) Theft Deterrent Moldy Sandwich Bags

These anti-theft lunch bags are available online. Fool your colleagues into thinking your food is moldy so you can enjoy your lunch every day. Most importantly, so you can avoid being this guy:

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2) Can’t grow a beard? Never mind, have a beard beanie

These keep your face warm and snuggly, which is ideal for the winter, when temperatures drop at the sound of a hat. Added bonus, you don’t have to “let it grow” for Movember!

3) Speaking of all things snuggly, have you ever craved someone something warm at night?

Voila! It’s actually called a Boyfriend Pillow. And it’s perfectly okay to take him into bed with you on the first date. No judgment, only something to cuddle with at night.

4) The Japanese way staying young and avoiding botox
japanese face slimmer

Yes, the Japanese take their Face Slimmers quite seriously. This evidently keeps your face young by using quite a few muscles on your face. Omg? Yes indeed.

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5) One onsie to beat them all, forever and ever

onesie sleeping bag

It’s a onsie sleeping bag to suit all of your sleepover, camping or pseudo space exploration needs.

6) LED slippers to lead you on the right path

OK, as weird as this is, there is a practical use for these guys. If you’ve ever had a case of the midnight munchies and happened to stumble into something along the way, LED slippers are there for you to walk safely at night.

7) Secret stash for a bad day
flask tie

Everyone’s had one of those days where they just wanted or needed to indulge in this guilty pleasure. The people over at Flasktie were considerate enough to think of the Flask Tie.

8) There’s another way to deal with one of those days

It’s called the Ostrich Pillow. You can hideaway from the big bad world with these guys, which have apparently branched out a lot.

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9) A black toothbrush for white teeth
black toothbrush

No joke here. The bristles are laced with charcoal, which is useful for decolorizing and removing plaque. Who knew that Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush is actually a thing?

10) A two in one package, for all your shower singing needs

mic shaped shower sponge
Now you can rock it out with a mic-shaped shower sponge, available on. Just don’t headbang in the shower, or you might slip.

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