So This Is What Airlines Do With Our Lost Luggage

Your missing luggage doesn't just vanish into thin air. It's much more interesting.

Airport Lost Luggage

The worst part of traveling – apart from coming back from vacation – is undoubtedly the one where you lose your luggage at the airport.

While in most cases – around 98 percent – airlines make sure the lost property finds its way to its owner, almost 2 percent of bags remain unclaimed, commonly referred to as “truly lost.”

The claim is usually paid to the owner within 100 days of the loss. If the luggage is found after that then it belongs to the airlines.

But what exactly do they do with it?

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Well, it is sent to a small Alabama town of Scottsboro, at the Unclaimed Baggage Center – “America’s only lost luggage store.”

"We stock over a million items every year in our facilities," said Bryan Owen, president and CEO of the Unclaimed Baggage Center in an interview. "We price things 50 to 80 percent off of retail.”


And here is some glittery stuff you’ll love.


The center receives all kinds of lost items from smelly goat cheese to hoards of cash in suitcases.

“There’s so many strange things that we get," stated Brenda Cantrell, a spokeswoman. “Some of that includes a full set of armor, Scottish kilts and musical instruments that date back a couple hundred years. And then there’s taxidermy items, like a stuffed goose.”

About 500,000 shoppers go there every year, attracted by the irresistible deals and bargains. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to buy a $23,000 Cartier watch for $11,500?

Sounds like an ideal place for holiday shopping, doesn’t it? Make sure you don’t lose your bag there though.

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