Fascinating Look At Seniors' Insecurities In Their Final Years

A candid look into the minds of the elderly may surprise you.

We all carry around insecurities, the sometimes secret, nagging thoughts that are hard to share with others. A great photo project doesn't just shine a light on those insecurities -- it forces them into the open in a (semi-) permanent way.

What I Be is based on "building security through insecurities." Photographer Steve Rosenfield asks his subjects to share their so-called flaws, something that is eating away at them. The subjects write it on their bodies in permanent marker.

Some of the images are very powerful, but we particularly love Rosenfield's album of seniors at Salem Lutheran Home. Elderly people are often glanced over as they live their twilight years. But our fears and our insecurities don't go away with age. 

"I Am Not My Conversations"


"I Am Not My Distress"


"I Am Not My Hatred"


"I Am Not My Age"


"I Am Not My Marriage"


"I Am Not My Appearance"


"I Am Not My Mortality"


See more of Rosenfield's work at the What I Be project website.

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