Most B.S. Thing You've Been Taught? Reddit Has Over 10,000 Answers

A thread on the social media sharing site Reddit is going crazy. It seems everyone has been given some B.S. advice.

Reddit user "IamFourChan" asked community members a simple question: 

"What is the most bull**t thing you have ever been taught?

The post now has over 10.000 comments ranging from religion to food to schooling. It's still rocking along - looks like there's plenty of b.s. being given across the world!

  • Our first poster was given some Thanksgiving b.s.: 

  • Awww...we feel for's hoping he finds some holiday love.

  • Want your kids to have less screen time? This one might work! 

  • Oh brother...everyone knows this isn't a fact. 

  • These HAVE to be from a mom. 

  • Uggg...everyone knows there's no real meat in these. 

  • Do kids really understand job hunting? Probs given by a teacher. 

  • And this one from a teacher might be the best b.s. Educators are supposed to be educated, right? 

Visit the b.s. thread and add your own bad advice experiences!

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