Alcohol Kills More People Than TB, AIDS and Violence Combined

Perhaps you should think twice before taking another sip of alcohol.

Alcohol Can Kill You

We already knew that there are about 88,000 deathsdue to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States. However, The World Health Organization announced even scarier news: alcohol is the culprit behind the deaths of 3.3 million people worldwide each year.

This figure is higher than deaths caused by AIDS, tuberculosis and violence combined.To make people aware of this, WHO has a page on their website dedicated to the consequences of alcohol abuse.

The fatal results of alcohol have long been masqueraded. We often attribute death or organ failure instead of evaluating the role of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption is fast growing monster. Here’s a reminder of the terrifying effects ofalcohol and why it should be had sparingly, if at all.

Impairs Brain Function

Alcohol Can Kill You

Typically, people especially teenagers consume about 5 drinks in a very short time frame. Careless drinking like thisoverpowers the body’s ability to process and eliminate the alcohol from the bloodstream,which then triggers rapid increases in blood alcohol content (BAC). Thisimpairs brain function in the long term.

Short Term Result: Decrease in coordination, increased likelihood of injury from falls and road accidents, and vulnerability to sexual assault.

Long Term Result: The implications of underage drinking such as stunted intellectual development are seen well into adulthood. Neurological problems including dementia, stroke and neuropathy are all long term effects of alcohol abuse.


Alcohol Can Kill You

Excessive drinking increases the risk of developing certain cancers, which may lead to death. The risk of cancer augments with increasing quantities of alcohol. The cancers linked to alcohol use include:

1.       Mouth

2.       Esophagus

3.       Throat

4.       Liver

5.       Breast


Alcoholic Poisoning Suppresses Vital Functions

Alcohol Can Kill You

Alcohol poisoning has devastating consequences. When there is too much alcohol in the bloodstream certain areas of the brain that control crucial life-support functions start shutting down. Essentially, the brain halts essential functions like breathing and heart rate.

Short Term Result: Severeconfusion;inability to stay conscious; seizures; difficulty breathing; low body temperature and severe vomiting.

Long Term Result:  Irreversible brain damage.

Psychiatric Problems:

Alcohol Can Kill You

Depression, anxiety, loss of sleep,joblessness, diminished productivity and poor temperament are all associated with alcohol abuse.

Liver Disease

Alcohol Can Kill You

Alcohol increases the risk of liver disease. Conditions including alcoholic hepatitis, pancreatitis. It is also the lead cause behindlivercirrhosis – a liver disease which is one of the ten leading causes of death globally. All of these conditions are triggered by alcohol abuse.

Heart Problems

Alcohol Can Kill You

Excessive drinking is attributed to deadly heart conditions such ashigh blood pressure, increased risk of an enlarged heart, heart failure, sudden heart attack and stroke.

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