No Pain, No Gain: 4 Ways Running Hurts Your Body Explained

Ouch. No pain, no gain, right? Here’s the breakdown of what happens once you hit the track.

It’s the time of the year again, when you start to feel all of the extra weight you’ve been carrying courtesy the endless holiday meals. Many people choose to run, sprint or jog away all of those Christmas cookies, which is an efficient and proven way to get back in shape. But for many of the laziest out there, the term “no pain no gain” has never been so true.

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Running Affects Your Body
It’s important to know what’s happening to your body – especially when you’re exercising which does come with the risk of injury.  According to Steven Magness, author of The Science Of Running, there are a few things to bear in mind about the physiological changes that occur in a body that chooses this form of exercise.

1) Baby steps are very important

Running Affects Your Body

When you start, your body is obviously not used to such strenuous movements. No part of your body, especially your muscles, has any mercy on how you feel afterwards. You know that itch you get, shortly after you manage to get your heart rate up? Well, it’s actually blood rushing to dormant capillaries, which is so sudden they get irritated and send signals to the brain which make you feel itchy.

2) The cramps. Oh those cramps.

Running Affects Your Body

There are evidently two theories for why this happens after exercising. When it comes to running, people often complain of cramps creeping up on their sides. One theory is to do with the extra pressure put on your diaphragm, the other traces the source of the pain to abdominal muscles and calcium deficiency.


3) Can’t. Breathe. Must. Stop.

Running Affects Your Body

This is normal too. You’re running, so you need more of that oxygen goodness. So the demand for it increases, while your air supply doesn’t. That’s why you fell like stopping, bending over, and sucking in more air.

4)The phenomena known as bubbleguts:

Running Affects Your Body

Yes, this is a real thing. It’s when you feel gassy during a run, sometimes after. Its fairly common and happens because running causes the breakdown of energy, causing muscles to release gas.

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