The Japanese Can Have Their Coveted Western Face In Less Than $6 From Amazon

Japan's fascination with Western looks just upped a notch with this new trend.

People in Japan are obsessed with altering their looks. As a result, strange beauty trends frequently emerge. Recently we saw the bagel head fad, but thankfully this latest craze in not as absurd. This time, Japanese women are using an adhesive tape to create an upper eyelid with a crease on one that is naturally without it.

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With the Asian obsession of getting the "ideal Western face" with bigger, rounder, double lidded eyes and pointier chins, the cellophane solution fits in perfectly.

The trend is getting on well since it is a cheaper solution than cosmetic surgery (which also is rampant in Japan). The tape is easily available on Amazon promised to be a "medical grade tape designed to lift the eyelids and sagging skin around the eyes. The result is your eyes look bigger and clearer."

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The double-lidded eyes trend began in South Korea and has since spread to Japan. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as South Koreans have the highest rate of going under the knife compared to any other country in the world. In fact, it is almost the cosmetic beauty capital of the world since the procedures are a lot cheaper there than in other parts of the world.

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