Woman Turns Japanese Town Into Valley Of The Dolls

Life-sized dolls are taking over a mostly abandoned Japanese village -- yes, it's just about as eery as it sounds.

The dead and departed are slowly being resurrected on one Japanese island, thanks to a woman's new mission in life: to revive her hometown with life-sized dolls of those who have left. 

Ayano Tsukimi watched her village dwindle from a bustling factory town to less than 40 people. But the spirit of her neighbors remained and she decided to bring them back through her dolls, each made in the likeness of someone who moved or died, and doing something important to that person.

No part of the formerly vibrant island is immune from Tsukimi's dolls. The school, shut down two years ago, has teachers and pupils in classrooms. A man fishes in the stream, a worker plows a field and a grandmother sits under a tree.

Sure, it sounds creepy (and it it might be a little weird to run into the doll napping in the sun or perched in a tree hunting). But there is also something oddly beautiful about Tsukimi's efforts. 


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