Would You Pay This Much For A Toothbrush?

A toothbrush as art. How much was your last toothbrush? Not as much as this one!

The price tag for this sleek baby might send you to the bank for a loan.  The Reinast Luxury Toothbrush boasts unique design and beauty that can be yours for $4,000.00. 

Back in 2009, Chief Technology Officer Dr. Djorde Djokovic and the Reinast team wanted to meet two goals with the luxury toothbrush. 

"We wanted to create something that was unique in design and beauty—something that didn't already exist." said Dr. Djokovic. "We wanted to make something that was both enduring and luxurious. In addition to being functional, obviously. These are the goals we had in mind."

So what should be slathered on a $4,000 toothbrush? How about a tube of $100 toothpaste? The Rennou 300 Whitening Crystal Mint comes in exquisite white and gold packaging and is available through the Theodent website. Now we just need some dental floss of spun gold...



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