WOW! Swimming Pool Art Is Amazing

After draining his pool, this artist created beauty.

An empty pool is not only's ugly! 

But one artist turned lemons into lemonaid when he filled the 10,000-gallon hole in his yard into a beautiful art piece. 

A San Francisco psychologist and part-time oil painter decided he would take advantage of the historic California drought...and solve a critter problem too! 

“I went down there and found a skunk in the pool looking like he was making it his home,” said Patrick Gannon.

Everybody can do something to help out,”  he said, referring to climate change, which some studies suggest has contributed to the past three record-dry years. “This is what I’ve done.”

At the bottom of Gannon’s 28-by-14-foot pool is a large, colorful painting of a community wrestling with how to care for Mother Earth. In the painting, good choices and bad choices collide to create “tension,” Gannon said.

The title of the work, “397 + Rising,” refers to carbon levelsin the atmosphere.

He started his pool project this summer and often worked more than 20 hours a week with the help of his two teenage sons.


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