Your Kids Are Watching CRAZY Stuff On TV

Move over Sesame Street. Kids are watching off-the-wall shows not geared to younger audiences.

The popular Comedy Central show, Talk Soup, has a segment called "What the Kids Are Watching". In it, crazy shows are featured that are far from the muppets on "Sesame Street" or "Mickey Mouse". 

What are children watching these days? Telenovelas are among the highest-rated deliverers of kids 6-11.  A telenovela is a type of limited-run serial drama popular on Latin American, Portuguese, Filipino and Spanish television networks. Turbulent love triangles or family feuds are frequently the main story line. 

Children watching stuff that isn’t marketed to or made for them at all.

For a year’s worth of ratings, kids 6 - 11, who have shopping influence over parents, tuned in on the top three networks marketed to that age: Disney, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. 

But the average audience for Nick at Nite’s YouTube-for-TV show, AwesomenessTV, blows away those viewer numbers. Kids are also watching prime time shows like NBC's America’s Got Talent and The Voice . 

Nick at Nite’s reruns of Full House, WWE professional wrestling, Univision's novela Mi Corazón es Tuyo.  

Fred Seibert, a 30-year veteran of children’s programming, who’s worked at Nick and Cartoon, said that kids’ tastes are almost always surprising. 

“I remember when we were first trying to figure out what Nickelodeon was. We did a little research and discovered that the most popular show for kids was reruns of Starsky and Hutch at 4 p.m.” Seibert recalled.

“We learned that the most popular stuff with kids is in the time zone when they’re watching, and then they search for stuff that makes sense for them.”

What else is draining viewers from children's television? The Internet. Between Vine, YouTube and videos on Instagram, the under-18 crowd’s favorite shows are a radical shift for television.

So what's a parent these day to do? Turn TV time into together time. Watch shows with your kids and discuss the plot and characters. It won't take too long to discover what is a good fit for your kid and what needs to be turned off. 

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