Here’s A Café That Doesn’t Charge For Food

Welcome to Ziferblat- an anti-café. A café where you pay for the time you spend there rather than what you order or consume.

The idea of the Anti-café originated from St. Petersburg Russia and has now come to London.

It’s a place where you can go to spend time on your own, catch up on your correspondence, give final touches to your project or simply meet up with friends.  There is food, coffee and tea available if you wish to indulge.  

Ziferblat means "clock-face" in Russian and German and hence the name.

Customers have to pay 3 pence (5 cents) per minute while they're at the premises. It’s actually not a bad deal, if you spend 45 minutes there, it will cost you £1.35 (approximately $2.20) and you can eat and drink all you want in the meanwhile and not get charged for it.

All they ask in return is that you as you respect the space and the people in it.

 “Ziferblat’s doors are open to everyone. Each Ziferblat guest becomes a sort of micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence its life. You will be welcomed by the Zifferblat community and able to work with them to help create, supply and develop this project. Everything is free inside except the time you spend there; and by paying for the time you’ll be making a donation towards the further development of this social experiment,” said the establishment in a description of itself. 

Here’s a glimpse of the various Ziferblats:




St. Petersburg

Seems great doesn’t it? Not a place to overlook the next time you are visiting either London, Moscow, St. Peters or Kiev. In fact, it would be nice to have such a space round the corner from one’s home, no matter where in the world you live.

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