10 Eerie Photos Showing Sochi The Ghost Town

A photographer captures the not-so-long-ago bustling town of Sochi, home of Winter Olympics' looking like a ghost town.

It has only been a month since the Sochi Winter Olympics and the city already resembles a ghost town.

Alexander Valov, a Russian reporter, shared pictures from the city, including the Olympic Village and the Olympic Park. Some of them are plain eerie.

He rightfully calls the area a Dead City.

The photos are a complete contrast to what the Sochi authorities portray:

Surely there must be plans for the Olympic city, but none of them seem to have been implemented.

The preparations for the Sochi Winter Olympics made news for being pricey yet sub standard.  When the games opened amid great fanfare on Feb. 7, the world saw the ageing sub-tropical resort on the Black Sea turned into a glittering modern attraction.

"I would like the participants, fans, journalists and all those who watch the Games on television to see a new Russia, see its face and possibilities, take a fresh and unbiased look at the country," said the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the preparations for the games did put the spotlight on Russia's problems.

The photos are a reminder that much of what was built for the Olympics has no long-term use.

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A few arenas and other buildings apparently have some future use. The media center for instance is being turned into a mall but the Russian government is still behind schedule on post-Olympics planning.

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