10 People Who Really Deserve To Be The 2014 Person Of The Year

Time magazine may have named the people it thinks deserve to be the best of 2014, but they missed a few great candidates.

Time magazine's list of top people in 2014 includes the likes of Alibaba group head Jack Ma, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Apple CEO Tim Cook and singer Taylor Swift – no doubt all prominent enough to shine through the year.

However, we have a list of people we think deserve high ranking as well.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Robin Williams

Top 10 people 2014

2014 stands to be the year the world of entertainment lost perhaps the best artist and comedian, Robin Williams.

He left behind not only a legacy but an irrefutable dose of awareness as far as the guts and bravery of fighting depression and addiction is concerned.

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Kobi Farhi

Top 10 People 2014

Orphaned Land frontman Kobi Farhi wrote an open letter to one of his heroes, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, urging the American musician to bring his band to Israel for the first time.

In July this year Eddie Vedder paused his concert midway to criticize Israel and launch an anti-war plea. Though Veder’s lament was motivated by Israeli atrocities in Gaza, the call for peace from Kobi Farhi was not something unexpected from the Israeli singer and peace activist.

Kobi Farhi, front man for a progressive Israeli band, Orphaned Land, wrote, "Eddie – Music is a cure, music enters our hearts, brings tears to our eyes, gives us hopes in moments of fear, it’s a simple light in a twisted darkness; music is the best gift of the universe. Nothing new here – you know it.

"Yes, bad things are happening in many places in this world, and that's the reason we need to be together, sing with our eyes closed, hearts open and our faces towards the stars. It is needed now more than ever. It’s your duty, as well as ours.”

Mo'Ne Davis

Top 10 People 2014

This 13-year-old is not just the only girl to play in the Taney Dragons, she became the first girl to pitch a complete-game (six-innings) shutout in a Little League World Series clinching game.

She struck out six and allowed just three hits in six innings during the Mid-Atlantic Regional final to lead the Taney Dragons to the LLWS by beating Delaware's Newark National 8-0.

No other Philadelphia team has so far been able to pull it off. People who know her game are not surprised. She throws a mean one at 70 miles per hour.

Mark Bustos

top 10 People 2014

Mark Bustos believes "every human life is worth the same. Through the week he works at the high-end New York hair salon Three Squares Studio and on Sundays he sets out to do what he loves, i.e. cutting hair, and does it for free for those people who cannot afford it – the homeless and those on the streets. For one day a week his customers are not athletes, fashion designers and celebrities but the homeless of New York.

Professor Maryam Mirzakhani

Top 10 People 2014

Professor Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian mathematician, became the first ever woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal (on par with the Nobel Prize).

Mirzakhani, who teaches at Stanford University, was recognized for her work on complex geometry.

The Fields Medal, established by Canadian mathematician John Fields, comes with cash prize of more than $13,700. Four of these medals were presented in Seoul at the International Congress of Mathematicians, an event held every four years.

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Becky Hammon

Top 10 People 2014

Women’s National Basketball Association star Becky Hammon has been hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, becoming the first paid female coach in NBA regular season history.

The Insanely Sane Man

Top 10 People 2014

He is a nobody and not a sane one at that. But this mad man may just be the only one who knows anything about life and its realities.

He came in to limelight when his "interview" was posted online.

Here are some gems from the interview:  

Reporter: What do you think the meaning of life is?

Man: To live. To live in the mystery and find purpose and to live in the now

Reporter: What advice do you have for younger generation?

Man: Live in the moment. Don’t get old. Don’t judge people; because you can’t be free if you judge people Love NOW; CREATE INSPIRE.

One is rendered speechless by his answers. Often what makes most sense come out of the mouths of the ones who we give no credit for having any sense.

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Novak Djokovic

Top 10 People 2014

Novak Djokovic won millions of hearts when he helped his opponent Radek Stepanek like a true hero. They were tied at 5-5 in the final set of the encounter and the match was at an intense stage and that would normally result in every player trying to gain any advantage but not Djokovic.

Stepanek challenged the call and the umpire called for a replay of the point, but Djokovic conceded, admitting that he would not have been able to return the shot. The umpire accepted this and changed his own call, giving the point to Stepanek and returning the game to deuce.

But it wasn’t all, looking back one can think of countless times the champ has proven to be an ace of a person.

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Raif Badawi

Top 10 People 2014

A secular blogger in Saudi Arabia, Raif Badawi refuses to be quieted despite being sentenced to 600 lashes and seven years in prison and the possibility of a death sentence over charges of apostasy.

Badawi initially got into trouble for creating the “Saudi Liberal Network” in 2008. The website was meant to be a discussion forum for seculars, like himself, who didn’t have any other platform in Saudi Arabia to voice their slightly “different” opinions.

In June 2012, prosecutors arrested Badawi for operating a website deemed insulting to Islam. He was charged with criticizing the religious police, prominent religious figures as well as calling for "religious liberalization." Subsequently, he was banned from leaving the country and his family’s bank accounts were reportedly frozen. His wife and three children are currently living in exile in Lebanon.

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Joko Widodo

Top 10 People 2014

Indonesian President Joko Widodo can easily be a role model for all world leaders. When he came to power he promised to wipe out the evils of corruption common in the country. He seems to be on the right track as he has began with a sweeping of his own potential cabinet members.  He has actually appointed an anti-corruption watchdog to scrutinize each and every one of the candidates inside out.

His daughter recently sat for civil service exams along with 6,000 other candidates, shunning the special privileges normally afforded to not just the head of states and their families but even relatives of the country's elite. She refused to be given a position of privilege without going through the ropes like everyone else.

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