It’s Hard To Believe These 10 Strange Medical Conditions Are Real

Despite amazing medical advancements, we're still hit with these 10 weird diseases and disorders.

strange medical conditions

There’s no end to the discoveries we find out about ourselves. As we’ve climbed past the homo sapien social ladder, we’ve grown to be a group of genetically and biologically diverse beings. But despite the progress, we find out new things about the human body every day.

Here are 10 strange medical conditions – some of which are as rare as hitting on 300 people to this day – but which have been known to affect mankind nonetheless. The way certain genetics or chemical reactions can affect the way we function is without a doubt, quite astounding to contemplate.

1) Basolateral Amygdala Lesions

These lesions grow inside a part of the brain that has to do with trusting people, so people afflicted tend to be extremely trusting of others. They are often generous without cause even when it’s clearly not a good idea for them to be so giving. 

2) Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

Eek! This is real – and not really an excuse for pubescent behavior, as it can affect adults too. The reason for this unfortunate disorder is due to an irregular nervous system. There’s a well known obvious treatment for this, but sadly it only provides temporary relief and there’s no known cure.

3) Urbach-Withe Disease

This is an extremely rare recessive genetic disease that can cause everything from skin that doesn’t heal to shut eyelids. Also, researchers recently found that the few people who have this are unable to feel fear, as that part of the brain shrivels up. So, a person with this would not be swayed by getting mugged or being in a plane crash.

4) Ross's Syndrome

People with this are affected neurologically and it takes them a lot longer to react to light than most people. They also have a problem with producing sweat. So these guys have to wear wet clothes while exercising in order to regulate their body temperature.

5) The Cotard Delusion

The zombie apocalypse is here! No just kidding, it’s just an unfortunate trick of the mind. The people who suffer from a mental condition truly believe they are dead, and sometimes they want to be around their own kind. So they hang out at graveyards, which is a bit creepy but not that bad. There is treatment via electroconvulsive therapy.

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6) Muscle Hypertrophy 

People with this have bodies that can’t product myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth. So essentially, it’s a body builders dream. It sounds kind of cool but when you think of a kid who actually believes he or she has super-human strength, you realize this is not all its buffed up to be.

7) Gastroschisis

Sometimes in the womb, babies do not form fully. In this case, their bellies aren’t complete by the time they’re born, resulting in their intestines coming out of a hole on their stomach. Luckily, this has a 90 percent survival rate. 

8) Congenital Analgesia

These guys literally feel no pain thanks to a rare genetic disorder. At all. Ever. This may sound great but is actually quite agonizing in a very particular way. Turns out, pain exists for a reason. Imagine having no way of knowing you were hurting yourself?

9) Hyperekplexia

This is a genetic disease which is also a neurological disorder. People who have it get surprised quite easily, be it by loud noises or even a clap. It can be bad enough to cause fainting.

10) Auto Brewerly Syndrome

Also known as gut fermentation syndrome, this disease is traced to a certain kind of germ found in the digestive system. Not everyone has it – or we’d all be able to get drunk off our own internal reactions. Usually, an infection in the gut results in the food being turned into alcohol, which in turn, results in constant drunkenness.

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