10 Words The FBI Must Know For Successful Snooping Online

The FBI has gone through the trouble of putting together a list of Twitter shorthand, or acronyms as we call them, so that they can ‘observe’ us better. No really, it’s not a joke!

Snooping on our social media feeds, FBI agents were confused with a lot of what we were putting out there -- you know stuff like idk, lol,  rofl, <3, WTH…

So, highly professional as they are and knowing their penchant for not getting anything wrong (NOT- and no, that’s not an acronym for anything), they felt the need to learn about the acronyms and slang people use online.

Our written language has changed so much to accommodate the times, or more like our need to fit everything into 140 characters thanks to Twitter, and that’s probably what has the FBI in a twitch.  

Looking at the document containing the 2,800 or so words and their abbreviations that FBI has put together, what stands out the most is their desperation to get a hold on everything and the ridiculousness of it.

Imagine some FBI snoop trying to work out FMTKFYTFO.

We are not making fun of them, we would not DARE (no, it does not mean Drum Activated Radioactive Energy); we know the seriousness of keeping tabs on terrorists, but how prepared can one be? The bad guys always seem to be a step ahead of us.

Don’t blame us. We couldn’t resist after seeing the likes of CICO (Coffee in, coffee out), IITUWUTMAS (if I tell you, will you tell me a secret) and BTDTGTTAWIO (Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out) on the list, we are just doing our bid to help.

So here’s our list of 10 words that should be added to the list:

  1. OT: On Target
  2. RT: Root for Terror
  3. TMI: Terrorist Middle-Eastern Informant
  4. TTYL: Take down The Yankee Loyals
  5. BTW: Blow up The World  
  6. BFF: Blow the Fat F&^%$
  7. IRL: Inside the Rocket Launcher
  8. LOL: Lightweight Object for Laceration
  9. ROFL: Rampage Over Finish Line
  10. FYI: "Fix" Your Investigator
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