This 100-Year-Old Car Salesman Still Works 6 Days A Week – 66 Years After His First Sale

Derrell Alexander doesn’t like to go on vacations and has never taken a holiday.

Derrell Alexander

A Wyoming man who started working as a car salesman in 1949 is still going strong.

Derrell Alexander celebrated his 100th birthday at Whites Mountain Chevrolet in Casper where he still works six days a week and refuses to retire.

Alexander believes his job is the secret to his longevity because it keeps him healthy.

“As long as I can get out of the house,” he told the Casper Journal. “You sit around the house and watch TV or something, and you don't last long.”

Derrell Alexander, Car Salesman Turns 100

Before landing his dream job as a car salesman, Alexander worked on ranches, on a pipeline and as a mechanic.

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A lot of his customers have died, however, Alexander now sells cars to their children or grandchildren. His clients respect him for his honesty and dedication.

“He's a top hand,” a customer Joe Platt said of Alexander. “He was fair and he treated his customers good. If he didn't have what I wanted in stock, he would find it and bring it in.”

100-year-old Derrell Alexander still working as a car salesman

His daughter Sheri Rupe says her father is “one in a million.”

“I think it's great; I think working is what’s kept him going,” she stated. “He'd probably be gone by now if he went home and sat down and did nothing.”

The 100-year-old says he doesn’t like to go on vacations and has never taken a holiday. Brad Follensbee, general manager at Whites Mountain Chevrolet, calls Alexander “an inspiration to us all as far as the drive he has.”

“I think it's almost more of a habit for him, coming to work every day. I think it gives him purpose and drive to get up every morning and get ready and come to work and be here,” he said.

Watch Alexander’s 100th birthday celebrations in the video below:

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