100-Year-Old New Jersey Man Ends His Life With A Grisly Murder-Suicide

The elderly couple apparently had a “history of domestic issues.”

New Jersey man 'murdered his sleeping wife, then committed suicide'

Michael Juskin, 100, from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, put an end to his long life in a truly gruesome way late Sunday afternoon.

The centenarian allegedly murdered his sleeping wife, 88-year-old Rosalia, with an ax before going into the bathroom and killing himself with a knife. The apparent murder-suicide was reported to the Bergen County police by the deceased couple’s son, Nick Juskin, on Monday.

Prosecutor John Molinelli said that the cause of the deadly attack is currently under investigation, though there is a "history of domestic issues" between the couple.

The Juskin family also claimed that Michael suffered from dementia.

“Sometimes he was lucid and sometimes he wasn’t,” claimed a family member.

Elmwood Park Police Chief Michael Foligno believes that the couple was alone in the two-bedroom Spruce Street home when the horrific incident occurred. The exact time of death is yet unknown.

The neighbors said that they often saw the couple out and about but that they mostly “kept to themselves.”

“She used to be in her garden all the time,” added neighbor Barbara Szczecina. “They were always together, putzing around outside.”

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