11-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Scores Touchdown For His Team

Logan Tonge loves football. And last Sunday he got the chance to live out his biggest dream with all of his friends.

Logan Tonge has cerebral palsy. He is confined to a wheelchair. But for anyone that knows Tonge his illness is not what defines him.

What defines Tonge is that he loves football.

According to a report from News Talk 980 CJME in Saskatchewan, Tonge had been visiting and watching his friends play on their pee-wee football team.

Mark Sulymka is the coach of that team. When Sulymka heard noticed Tonge watching the team play he decided to bring him closer to the action.

“I thought maybe he would enjoy coming down on the sidelines if we got him involved with the team because they're all of his buddies and he's never had an opportunity to participate in a group sports activity before."

The coach gave Tonge his own jersey and had him do his cheering right next to the team on the sidelines on the field.

Then on Sunday, the team took things to the next level.

With ten seconds to go in their game last Sunday Coach Sulymka asked if he could make a last minute substitution.

To his complete surprise Tonge found himself taking the field. The ball was snapped and Tonge’s team led him safely into the end zone laughing and screaming all the way.

According to Tonge'’s mother, Krista Smith Tonge, he couldn’t stop talking about his play for the rest of the day.

“The word that he was using was 'I got to play real football,'" Smith said. "He got to feel like he was playing in a real game."

For both Tonge and his mother the day ended with smiles, good memories, and this emotional Facebook update: 


There are no words! Life with Logan has had many ups and downs. This definitely was one of his highest "ups". My boy...

Posted by Krista Smith on  Saturday, September 26, 2015
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