12-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Being Pregnant, Had Massive 19-Pound Tumor Growing Near Her

This twelve year old girl was a normal pre-teen till a few months ago!

12-Year-Old Girl

This twelve year old girl was a normal pre-teen till a few months ago!

A little before her twelfth birthday, her stomach started growing. At first no one paid much attention but when it didn’t stop and grew by the week almost, people started noticing. She became the butt of many jokes and worst, vicious rumors that she was pregnant.

At first her mother, Janet Roberts, thought it would dwindle down, but by her 12th birthday she was big enough to look five months pregnant and her mother decided to do something. She made her daughter take pregnancy tests one after another but they all came back negative. It was then that Janet took her to the doctor who found out she actually had a tumor growth near her stomach.

Thankfully the tumor was benign and removed after surgery. You can check the images here.

Though the little girl is recuperating from her surgery she needs a lot of counseling as a result of the ordeal she went through.

12-Year-Old Girl

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