13 Instagram Posts That Nail The Need For More Gun Control In The US

We have now had 353 shootings in just 337 days in the United States. Something needs to change.

On Wednesday afternoon San Bernardino, California emergency services agencies announced that they were responding to an "active shooter" situation. The rampage resulted in 14 killed and 21 injured.

In the United States, this marks the 353rd mass shooting in just 337 days of 2015

The problem is so plain that it has become embarrassing.

These incidents are simply not happening in countries that have stricter gun control and yet some people in the US still choose to stand in the way of the progress that would save these lives by holding fast to an antiquated amendment from over 200 years ago. 

For incidents such as these a picture can say a thousand words and Instagram has risen to the challenge of demonstrating just how ridiculous the United States' stance on gun control is. 


#guncontrolnow #johnoliver

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#fuckyouNRA #truth #nra #guncontrol

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The flabbergastingly sad truth... #GunControlNow

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Yes, guns don’t kill people. People do. But cars don’t kill people either, unless we’re talking campy horror movies about objects given sentience.

But we have laws in place that determine who is capable of driving, and who has not.

There are still DUIs, and car accidents. People are fallible and no law can conquer that entirely. But imagine how much worse we’d be off if there was no such law in place at all.




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This is some serious BS #nra #guns #guncontrol #guncontrolworks #molonlabe #revolution #2ndammendment #wtf

to anyone who plans on commenting against my advocate for gun control, this is what we mean. #gunviolenceawareness #guncontrol #wearingorange #everytownforgunsafety (please ask to repost)

And what if your gun is taken by someone intentionally? The problem with guns isn’t just violence against others. It’s also violence inflicted upon the users themselves.


The problem is unregulated, unfettered access.

We recognize that violence in games is an issue worth exploring. But violence in real life? Why does that conversation end so often in an impasse?


The issue is that the two factions, pro and anti gun control, are each holding on to something they hold precious. Do we champion rights? Or do we champion life?


#guncontrolnow #notonemore

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How many more school shootings is it gonna take before we wake the fuck up. #guncontrolnow #notonemore

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The numbers don’t lie.



WTF??? #GunControlNow #MilitarizedPolicing #ENOUGH

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Story Updated By: Joe Durbin

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