Heroic Rescue: 13-Year-Old Jumps From Burning Building After Saving His Dog

The 13-year-old made it to the fire escape with his dog, but found himself trapped on the second floor.

In what seems like a sequence right out of an action movie, a 13-year-old-boy jumped from the second floor of a burning building after rescuing his beloved dog in San Francisco.

Alessandro Gonzales, 13, was fast asleep in his room when fire engulfed his building. He didn’t hear the smoke alarms, but the hysterical screams in the building woke him up.

Trying to get out of the three-story blazing building alive, Gonzales ran toward the fire escape with his dog – a mixed Shih Tzu-miniature poodle. He successfully made it to the second floor, but found himself stuck there with seemingly no possible way out.

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The fire escapes were blocked, so the 13-year-old did the only rational thing he could to get out of the life threatening situation: He smashed the window and jumped right out of it, but not before rescuing his dog.

Gonzales looked down at the street and saw police officers and other people standing, so he threw his dog to them, before jumping out himself onto the street. Fortunately, neither he nor his pet was injured.

His mother was anxiously awaiting him down on the street. Check out the teen hero’s interview below: 

The deadly fire that engulfed the Mission Street building claimed one life and injured six others. The fire escapes were either locked or blocked, and authorities have a suspicion that the smoke alarms inside the building never went off, which ultimately contributed to magnitude of the damage.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the fire left 54 people without homes, including nine children. About 15 small businesses on the ground floor and a dozen offices on the second floor were also damaged.

So far, authorities have found no evidence of arson.

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