Unpredictable Australian Weather Almost Cost These Skydivers Their Lives

These vacationers had a rough day Down Under. From bush fires to severe seasonal storms, the weather in Australia has been quite unpredictable lately.

If you’re starting off your day with a thunderstorm, there is a fair chance you’ll experience scorching heat pretty soon.

That is exactly what happened with a bunch of vacationers, who began their day Down Under with a sunny 38 C-degree temperature, and ended up getting stuck in a severe hailstorm dressed in their sky-diving gear.

A recently released video shows crash landing of 14 skydivers who got ripped out of the dark sky by an unexpected storm.

The footage, presumably captured from a balcony overlooking Port Phillip Bay, depicts the divers making a crash landing on the St. Kilda beach while thunder and lightning strike violently in the background. Even their parachutes can be seen flapping uselessly behind them as they plummet toward the ocean at high speed.

The skydivers had all jumped in seven pairs, from 14,000 feet. While some of them landed on the rough waters and hit the ocean with immense force, others landed on the ground and received minor injuries and bruises.

The ferocity of the wind can be determined by the sound caught on tape. The 54-knots wind is said to have whipped up in two minutes.

Luckily, no fatalities were reported; however, two victims were taken to a local hospital while other 12 were treated by the paramedics at the scene.

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