Armed Gunmen Make Away With Millions In Gems On Paris Highway, Trigger Manhunt

The thieves escaped into the countryside with roughly $9.5 million in loot.

15 armed assailants hijack vans filled with millions in jewels

In what seems like the plot of a Hollywood action movie, a gang of armed robbers attacked two vans carrying jewels worth millions in the dead of the night on a French motorway, and successfully made away with the entire $9.5 million haul.

The thieves targeted the moving vehicles on the A6 highway, which connects Paris to Lyon. Forcing out the drivers, the assailants hijacked the vans, which were later found burned and abandoned about 30 miles from the site of the attack. The suspects reportedly escaped in four cars.

A police source, who wished to remain anonymous since the investigations are still underway, claimed there were about 15 robbers, all “heavily armed and battle-hardened.” They further added that the vans were attacked as they were slowing down to approach a tollbooth on the highway.

Fortunately no one got injured during the robbery. The van drivers were left at the crime scene unharmed, said the officials.

So far, no possible suspects have been named and the police have failed to locate the jewels. The French police agency overseeing organized crime is currently investigating the case, which is said to be reminiscent of heists staged by one Pink Panther gang.

The Pink Panther network of jewel thieves has been credited with a series of thefts netting hundreds of millions since 1999, according to Interpol.

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