16 Russian Tourists Killed In Turkey Bus Crash

"It was reported earlier that a tour bus travelling from Alanya to Pamukkale, south-southwest Turkey, which had 41 Russian tourists, had fallen off a bridge over the Aksu stream. The officials have since confirmed that, from the bus carrying 41 passengers, 16 people have been killed including the bus driver and the tour guide, while 25 of the passengers were injured with some reported to have life threatening injuries. Reports say that many of the injured had to be cut out by the fire brigade after getting stuck in the heavily damaged bus which reared of the bridge breacking through the barriers in the early morning hours of Tuesday. It has been reported that the bus had crashed through the barriers and fell down the 10 metre high bridge which went over the Aksu Stream. The Russian consul general, Mirdzhalol Khusanov has confirmed that a bus crash in Antalya, which is a hotspot for Russian tourists, has resulted in Russian tourists being killed and that there were 25 injured.