2010 China Floods Death Toll Hits 377

"Hundreds of workers tried Friday to shore up two dikes on a river in eastern China as the area dealt with continued deadly flooding, state-run media reported. The death toll from the flooding over the past 11 days in China was 211, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Dozens more were missing. More than 300 workers were at the Fu River trying to fix the dikes, which officials predicted woiuld be repaired in six days, Xinhua reported. In Fuzhou City, the Fuhe River flooded for a second time Wednesday, two days after a dike burst elsewhere on the river, causing 100,000 people to evacuate, the provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said. They were relocated to downtown Fuzhou -- 30,000 people were staying in shelters; 70,000 were bunking with friends and relatives. The flooding has affected 10 provinces in China."