3 Insane Conspiracy Theories Making Headlines Right Now

You thought all those cries of "Pearl Harbor never happened!" and "the moon landing was a hoax!" were a thing of a less enlightened past? Well, think again.

“The Virginia Shooting Was A Scripted Hoax”

Leave it to conspiracy theorists to scoff in the face of a tragedy that doesn’t fit with their agenda. Some people have called the grisly shootings of news journalist Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward a hoax—“just like Sandy Hook” (because if you’re drawing the ire of one bereaved family, why not just go for the full bingo?

Some are claiming that Parker’s father and boyfriend seemed to be “acting” when they expressed their utter despair at the loss of their loved one.

The implication seems to be that Parker’s father, who took a strong stance in favor of gun control following his daughter’s tragic death—is actually just using the tragedy to further his anti-gun agenda. Because what anti-gun advocate doesn’t look forward to the day when they can have a shooting tragedy in the family to add fodder to their argument?

Others have claimed that the shooting was an attempt to start a “race war,” and that Ward and Parker were actually “crisis actors” hired to further the illusion.

Alison Parker, Adam Ward

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“Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions To Sell Baby Parts”

To date, nine videos have been released alleging, using various forms of out-of-context, deceptively-edited, or else straight-up fabricated “evidence,” that Planned Parenthood is pushing partial-birth abortions on would-be mothers so that they can sell fetal organs on the black market. 

In the most heinous of these nine videos, anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress misrepresented footage from a miscarriage as a partial-birth abortion, without the knowledge or permission of the grieving mother.

What this conspiracy theory doesn’t take into consideration is that state and federal laws allow for the donation of fetal tissue. It is neither illegal nor is it morally repugnant, because fetal tissue donation saves future lives by lending itself to medical study.

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“An Asteroid Will Be Bring On The End Of The World In 3, 2, 1…”

Never would we have expected that the apocalypse would be the most inoffensive point in a list of, well, anything. But here we are. Conspiracy theory number three, and it’s the only one that’s not attempting to attack people who hold a different set of beliefs than the theorists’ own.

Which isn’t to say that this end-of-the-world theories aren’t damaging in their own right, causing, as they do, widespread panic among everyone who is, well, susceptible to conspiracy theories.

Okay, so they may not always be the brightest of bulbs, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be saddled with undue worry, now does it?

The latest in news about the inevitable Ragnarok is that it’s due on September 24th of this year. This time, we’ll all be biting the bullet a la asteroid impact.

Some have even claimed that one asteroid has already struck the earth, in some remote part of Iran, but that NASA and the US government have hushed up the incident.

Well, if the apocalypse comes around, and the US government can hush that up to while we keep playing Candy Crush on our phones, should be really be complaining?

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