42% Americans Find It Difficult To Spell Budweiser And Other Beer Brands

On the eve of Saint Patrick's Day, here is a startling stat that involves both drinking and spelling.

40% of Americans can't spell 'Budweiser'

Everyone likes to grab a cold one, but not everyone can spell the biggest brands in the beer industry. As the Bartrendr app found out, it's too damn difficult for a surprisingly large percentage of American drinkers to know the correct spellings of some of their most favorite alcoholic beverages.

The Bartrendr app, which lets users share information about the hottest pubs, observed some 100,000 postings on its platform and found that many amongst us misspell the easiest/most famous brands. For example, a staggering 42 percent of its users misspelled Budweiser, 23 percent did the same with Jameson and 15 percent got Hennessy's orthography all wrong. Even the simplest looking Jack Daniel's drew errors out of 6 percent.


While Bartrendr refrained from speculating on the reasons, one obvious cause could be its users' inebriated state at the time of using their service. The fact that it's an app, a certain percentage could also be attributed to the typing difficulties some experience while using smartphones. Or, it could be that we, as a nation, are just getting stupider.


But then, the app  also says that difficult brand names such as Bruichladdich and Laphroaig are rarely spelled, which brings us back to square one. This is so possibly because both these Scotch brands are expensive and are consumed by the more educated and affluent.

The bottom-line is...get an education because the difference shows even if you're pounding beer cans and satisfying the insatiable thirst.

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