5 Americans Sentenced To Prison In Pakistan

FIVE AMERICAN Muslims face 10 years hard labour in Pakistani jails after being convicted of plotting terror attacks. The students, aged from 19 to 25, were found guilty yesterday of waging war against the state and funding a terrorist group. Police said they had planned to travel to Afghanistan to join up with the Taliban and fight Nato forces. However, their lawyer said they would appeal against the verdict handed down in one of Pakistan’s notoriously unreliable secret courts. The men, all Muslims, were arrested in the northeastern city of Sargodha in December. They had been reported missing from their homes in Virginia a month earlier, when relatives discovered a farewell video message depicting scenes of war and calling for action to defend Muslims around the world. Khalid Farooq, the Pakistani father of one of the men, spoke of his shock at the sentencing. “It is a matter of great disappointment, we were not expecting it,” he told reporters outside the prison in Sargodha.